Autumnal Greetings 2023

I hope you are finding moments of peace in these turbulent times.

The past four months have been simultaneously packed and relaxing for me. In June, I gave my final performance as a contributing member of Opera Sustenida in our “Il trovatore Live Launch & Concert” in Toronto. These past three years, I have enjoyed the connections cultivated with community members and colleagues alike, as well as the unique opportunity to be on both sides of the curtain, so to speak, as we navigated the complexities of both producing and performing in concerts and shows. After dedicating so much energy to our fledgling opera company, the decision to leave was not an easy one to make, but I do not regret it.
With less demands on my time, I spent the summer (re-)connecting with myself, family, friends, and nature. In August, we were able to visit extended family on Vancouver Island, one of the lucky places on Earth to enjoy both ocean and mountains. We also visited family in Wisconsin, savoring the quiet solace of forests and their wildlife, extended hours of sunshine and admiring the already-turning leaves as we drove through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on our way back to Ontario.

Since September, I’ve resumed teaching my private music students, with the addition of many beginner pianists and a few more budding singers. I’m continuing to sing as Alto Lead at our local St John’s United Church and occasionally sub at other choirs. My next step as a solo performer is not immediately clear but you’ll be the first to know of new pursuits. 

I can’t conclude this email without a word about the situation in Israel. As many of you know, I spent four years living in Tel Aviv, ultimately becoming a citizen of the country in order to study with my beloved voice teacher. There are no words to express the depth of sorrow and grief I feel for everyone living there and the outrage I feel towards inhumane governing forces. I pray that each person may have sovereignty in their lives to claim the joy and peace that is rightfully theirs. 

With so much love and gratitude,
Daniella 💕