September 2020 News

September seems to have crept up on me when I wasn’t looking! There definitely has been a noticeable shift in the atmosphere – the air is getting dryer and crisper and I’m reaching for sweaters and blankets at night.

September usually marks the beginning of a busy choral season for me, and this year, thankfully, it will continue, but not in the usual fashion. We began rehearsals for the High Holidays this past Wednesday, except this year, we’re just a quartet instead of our full ensemble. I certainly miss the friendly faces of my fellow singers, and I have to rethink all of my breaths (last year, there were two other altos with whom I could share “breathing spaces”), but I’m honored to be representing our section for these important services.

I’m also looking forward to learning new repertoire with the Etobicoke Centennial Choir later this month. Our rehearsals will most likely take a new shape this season, as it’s difficult to accommodate all the new social distancing protocol with a large ensemble, but I’m told that we will continue and a sole concert is schedule for June of next year.

Sunday marked the end of my residence at the Toronto Oratory, where I’d been singing for the past two years. I’ve learned so much about Renaissance repertoire and Gregorian chant…not to mention the great improvement in my sightreading abilities, but I will miss my colleagues and our unique camaraderie the most. Next Sunday, I’ll begin singing full-time at St John’s United Church in Oakville, and I’m looking forward to becoming more involved in my new community.

Suzanne and I have been busy creating new material for The Art Song Podcast. We have four podcasts published, and you can find them all here. We’ve created videos for each featured piece and original articles for each creator, which are also on our website.

“But what about your online event, Daniella?”
Well, I’m glad you asked!

I’m pleased to report that “Divas for Hire!!” was a success! We’ve had nearly 200 views since our livestream on Saturday and are still receiving wonderful feedback from our audience.

If you missed the live event, fret not! The replay will be available until October 1st. Please contact me if you would like to purchase a ticket to watch the replay.

Well, that’s all the news from me! I wish you a peaceful and uplifting Autumn.

With love and gratitude,
Daniella Theresia