Summer Greetings!

Hello and happy Summer! I hope that you are keeping well.

Summer has arrived in full force in our neck of the woods and I must say, I’m really enjoying the extended hours of sunshine. Our gardens are really taking off and I’m pleased to report that there are multiple tomatoes taking form on our plants! Our cat demands to be let outside to explore the backyard throughout the day and night (always with a patient human attached to the other end of her leash). It is wonderful to all be outside together, although it looks like we’ll have to buy another patio chair for her personal use.

Thanks to the re-opening of businesses, Dave and I were able to rejoin our colleagues at the Toronto Oratory (Holy Family Church) last Sunday. The new spacing regulations mean that we have to conform to new configurations, but aside from that, it’s pretty much business as usual for us (although we’re only singing one service each Sunday, instead of the usual two). I am so grateful to be able to contribute to their services and to meet with our colleagues again. This means, of course, that we are no longer singing for St. John’s live-streaming services in Oakville, but we look forward to joining them in September.

Suzanne and I have spent the past few weeks working hard to research, create, and record episodes for The Eternal Feminine Podcast. It’s been challenging, not only to create spontaneous and engaging episodes, but also to find the best programs and microphone settings to create clean recordings. We’re planning to launch our podcast later this month. If you’d like to be notified of new episodes, subscribe here!

In other news, our grant application for Opera Sustenida has been marked “results pending,” so keep sending positive vibes our way!

Wishing you a peaceful month of July.

All of my love and gratitude,


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